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It's Men Of Winter time!

Week #74 Men of winter 2!

You've been waiting for it! The time has come! Our 2nd annual "Men Of Winter"!!

-You’re listening to the right show.
-Sing along at home!
-Ana gets a late Christmas gift.
-How do these guys qualify as a “Men of Winter”?
-It’s a revolution!!!
-Kara butt shaking it out of DSP Media.
-Shady Kara…
-Yunho says “oh no they didn’t” and then Miss J was like “oh yes I did”!
-Kitty wigs!
-SM c*ck blocks again!
-Mini Jaejoong meets Yunho.
-Tablo gets his revenge.
-Queen B is back in Japan.
-Bangkok gets a K-Pop concert!
-Leave Min alone!
-Japan Nite 2011 tour dates & line up announced.
-The Green Hornet brings in the big bucks.
-Hot issue!
-F.Cuz Kan involved in a car accident.
-Nujabes tribute show in DC.
-Kara breaking news.
-Menz! 5-10
-SNSD Run Devil Run in Japanese…. Meh.
-Ayyyy girl part 2.
-Wonder Girls are working hard towards the US.
-Random news rundown.
-More menz!
-“Damn we’re getting old”, Otaku Corner.
-MBLAQ Corner: “Blaq Style” album review.
-Visual Kei news!
-Johnny’s corner.
-More breaking news on Kara.
-Annndddd more Kara news.
-Cyn City’s bday special AND ustream show next week!
-New affiliate!

Join us on USTREAM next week for Cyn City's birthday special!
Here's the link http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cyn-city-s-bday-special-1-24-11

To see our top 10 men of winter head over to our website.

Click on the god below.

Songs Played On This Show:

One Way- Magic

LM.C- Yasha Hime

Kim Junsu- I Can Soar

Matsushita Yuya- Bird

Show Luo- Ai De Zhu Chang Xiu

Tim- The War Inside Me

NewS- Taiyou No Namida

MBLAQ- Darling

the Gazette- Burial Applicant

TOP- Of All Days

Shim Changmin- Confession
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