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[ATTENTION] So long folks!

Wut's up ppl? Things certainly have changed since we first started this community well over a year ago. Luckily we can say for the most part that they have changed for the better. In lieu of the wonderful progress we made with the show over time, we found ourselves using this community less as we immersed ourselves more with the usage of twitter and our own website. With that said, posting on LJ has increasingly become less of a priority for us.

Therefore, Asian Pop Addict will discontinue posting on live journal from here on out but we will continue normal activities and posting the show via our official twitter and website. We appreciate everyone who has commented during our brief stay on here, and for those who regularly enjoyed it, you can just take your comment love over to our website or twitter instead. Thanks from all of us! 


Ana, Cyn, Betty, and Dee
Marilyn Monroe

Heeeeey, we have a birthdaaaay!

Week #75 It’s Cyn City’s birthday special!!!

-Betty is such a party pooper.
-Round 1, FIGHT!
-GANTZ movie review.
-Cyn likes SHINee???
-What does A.M.I.G.O mean???
-The cheese stands alone…
-Don’t mess with Ms. Heechul.
-Get behind your keyboards netizens.
-Super Junior resigns with SM.
-We’re Inspirit’s!
-INFINITE is the ish! Jump on the band wagon folks.
-Music Station this week will be good!
-Cyn defends Yamapi….AGAIN!
-Erika Sawajiri calls it quits with her hubby
-Betty vs Cyn part 2.
-Gackt is an interesting vampire.
-Ex manager of Lollipop F is kinda salty.
-Yamapi’s #1!
-JYJ reality show?
-KHJ…the talented one gets signed to AVEX.
-One mirrion people want to see Big Bang.
-Seungri is doing the damn thang.
-Dalmatian name changes…not sure why.
-More ABK sub units…greatttttt…
-JOON & KAHI!!!!
-Drama corner.
-J-Rock corner.
-Betty shouldn’t ever make fun of Cyn, ever again!
-8 mile rap battle… Yoochun vs Lee Soo Man.
-Who’s the C-Pop baby daddy??
-Ana’s Artist Profile: MUCC
-Johnny’s Corner: PLAGIARISM!!!!
-MBLAQ giveaway!!!!!

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It's Men Of Winter time!

Week #74 Men of winter 2!

You've been waiting for it! The time has come! Our 2nd annual "Men Of Winter"!!

-You’re listening to the right show.
-Sing along at home!
-Ana gets a late Christmas gift.
-How do these guys qualify as a “Men of Winter”?
-It’s a revolution!!!
-Kara butt shaking it out of DSP Media.
-Shady Kara…
-Yunho says “oh no they didn’t” and then Miss J was like “oh yes I did”!
-Kitty wigs!
-SM c*ck blocks again!
-Mini Jaejoong meets Yunho.
-Tablo gets his revenge.
-Queen B is back in Japan.
-Bangkok gets a K-Pop concert!
-Leave Min alone!
-Japan Nite 2011 tour dates & line up announced.
-The Green Hornet brings in the big bucks.
-Hot issue!
-F.Cuz Kan involved in a car accident.
-Nujabes tribute show in DC.
-Kara breaking news.
-Menz! 5-10
-SNSD Run Devil Run in Japanese…. Meh.
-Ayyyy girl part 2.
-Wonder Girls are working hard towards the US.
-Random news rundown.
-More menz!
-“Damn we’re getting old”, Otaku Corner.
-MBLAQ Corner: “Blaq Style” album review.
-Visual Kei news!
-Johnny’s corner.
-More breaking news on Kara.
-Annndddd more Kara news.
-Cyn City’s bday special AND ustream show next week!
-New affiliate!

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You know the drill....

It's Week #73 biaaaaaaatchh!!!!!!!!!

•New show open!
•Enrique Iglesias is getting dirty.
•Betty is such a….
•Infinite is doing their thang!
•Guess what’s back again?
•Hereeeeeee weeeeee gooooo.
•Chapter 37.
•Homin album & performance review.
•Twitter= internet tough guys.(FYI, this TVXQ segment ran a tad bit long so if you’re not into the nonsense that’s going on you might want to fast forward.)
•Chapter 39. Lifetime movie.
•Betty is evil.
•Linzer Dinzer comes on the show to chit chat!
•Piggy Dolls….terrible name.
•25th Japan Golden Disk Awards run down.
•Arashi fight.
•M-Flo releasing solo albums.
•It’s time Jo Kwon….
•MBLAQ Corner is back! *squeal*
•Men of Winter!!!
•GD&TOP get banned.
•Full House 2?
•Taeyang came to America to do the dougie.
•Strong baby #2 and #3.
•Ana is out of the cool circle.
•Yamapi bashing…AGAIN!
•Betty hates vagina.
•Ueto Aya likes burnt men.
•Betty’s Korean Word Of The Week.
•Quick news rundown. Plagiarism/ comebacks/ airlines/ etc.
•Ana’s Artist Profile: Ken The 390
•Johnny’s corner.
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[Show] APOPA Show # 72

Week # 72


It’s the first show of 2011!!!

Show is jam packed with spazzing & other good lulz.


  • Happy New Year!
  • Betty is feisty today.
  • Helloooooo MBLAQ.
  • Spazz time.
  • Don’t rush good music!
  • J Tune Camp/ J Tune Entertainment…WE’RE CONFUSED!!
  • Double, double, double, double, combo.
  • Akame is dead!
  • SBS, KBS, MBC Gayo Daejun run down.
  • You’re a hot mess SBS!
  • Uee & Hyuna hate debate.
  • Aing!
  • We’ve found the junior dead fish eyes.
  • The secret behind the dead fish eyes.
  • Fish lips vs Fish eyes.
  • Keep your head down, we’re reviewing the song & video.
  • Read what you sign!!!
  • SM Entertainment has been warned!
  • J-Pop wedding! Is she preggers???
  • We need a new word for…
  • Versailles in a drama!
  • Straightener on Ustream!!
  • Betty’s lazy “Drama Corner.”
  • Wrestling flashbacks…don’t ask.
  • North Korea loves soccer.
  • Daigo & sexy lady.
  • A bunch of Lucifer’s will head to Australia.
  • Upcoming J-Rock releases.
  • More wrestling flashbacks.
  • Who had illegal cable????
  • Rino Nakasone in Japan!
  • Edison Chen hates computers.
  • Betty’s Korean Word of the week. WOOOO!!!
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • Shoutouts!
  • Betty is sooooo different.

 If you live in South Florida we will at the Morikami Museum this Sunday the 9th! Come out and have fun.




Songs Played On This Show:

GD & TOP feat. Park Bom- Oh Yeah

MUCC- Libra

Daichi Miura- Drama


DJ Masa- Hot K-Pop 2010 Mashup (Part 2)

Meisa Kuroki- Bye Bye My Friend

Edison Chen- Running

TVXQ- Keep Your Head Down

Taeyang- I’ll Be There (English)

Urata Naoya feat. Ayumi Hamasaki- Dream On

MiChi- Love Is

Infinite- Voice Of My Heart

Lollipop F- Unscrupulous

Tim- Unnecessary Words

Def Teach feat. Lafa Taylor- Lift Up

Decipher- The Introduction

Click on a very happy Koki to listen to the show.

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[Show] APOPA Show # 71 1st Annual Fuckery Awards

Week #71

It’s the 1st annual Asian Pop Addict “Fuckery Awards”!!!

You guys nominated your favorite artist for each category AND you voted on who should win!
We’ll also recap the fuckery that went down this year.

We here at Asian Pop Addict want to thank each and every one of you for sticking by us this year.
From the listener who’s been there since day 1 to the newbie’s just following us now, THANK YOU!

2010 was good but 2011 will be HUGE! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  • Take 2!
  • Kim Jae Wook, may I have your baby sir?
  • Antique Bakery, a must watch or no watch?
  • Asian porn.
  • Ana’s GD & TOP review.
  • 1st half of 2010 stories.
  • Who’s the Diddy of Korea?
  • 2PM & TVXQ.
  • “GTFO My TV!”… the winner is….
  • “Biggest WTF of the Year” …the winner is…
  • Terrible 2010 concepts & styles.
  • JYP is creepy.
  • KAT-TUN was happy for the better part of 2010.
  • Johnny’s 2010 round up.
  • Asian imports taking over the US charts.
  • “Dumbass of the Year”….the winner is….
  • “Most Annoying Song of the Year, Japanese”…the winner is…
  • “Most Annoying Song of the Year, Korean”…the winner is…
  • J-Rockers did their thang in 2010.
  • Korean artist heading over to Japan.
  • Everyone head’s off to the army.
  • DRUGS!!
  • “Twitter Whore of the Year”…the winner is…
  • “Artist Who Needs More Airplay, Korean”…the winner is…
  • “Artist Who Needs More Airplay, Japanese”…the winner is…
  • Ana’s, Bollywood take over on the show.
  • Our Haiti show.
  • Intervention.
  • “Asian Pop Addict, Interview of the Year”…the winner is…
  • “Song of the Year, English”…the winner is…
  • “Song of the Year, Korean”…the winner is…
  • “Song of the Year, Japanese”…the winner is…
  • Our final thoughts on 2010. Plus thank you’s.
Songs Played On This Show:
Crystal Kay- Flash
One Way- One Way
Lands- Bandage
E.via- Shake!
Infinite- Come Back Again
TVXQ- Break Out!
CN Blue- I’m A Loner
Ayumi Hamasaki- Microphone
Rain- Love Song
Big Bang- Beautiful Hangover
Lee Hyori- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Far East Movement feat. Ryan Tedder- Rocketeer
Namie Amuro- Break It
Miss A- Bad Girl, Good Girl
Alice Nine- Senkou
TOP- Turn It Up
Daichi Miura- The Answer
Weaver- Hard To Say I Love You
After School- Bang!
Gummy- There Is No Love
Xiah Junsu- Intoxication
the Gazette- Red
DJ Doc- I’m A Guy Like This
KAT-TUN- Love Yourself
f(x)- NU ABO
AKB48- Beginner
Yamashita Tomohisa- One In A Million
BoA- Hurricane Venus
Arashi- Monster
2NE1- Can’t Nobody (English version)
SHINee- Lucifer

Click on the pic below to listen to the last show of 2010!!

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[Ustream] Last Show Of The Year!

Sup everybody!

Like we said last week, we're going to try and ustream the recording of the last show of the year tonight. We'll start between 8-830pm EST. If you can join us great, if not then no worries.

Here's the link ....

We'll wanna take calls as well. If you want to talk about a story that happened this year in K-pop or J-Pop then make sure to join us so you can call in!

See you there!
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[Mod] Merry Christmas!!!!

It's the holiday season and we're very thankful for many things this year. Mainly thankful for all of you out there always giving us love & support. We truly appreciate it. We stepped our game a little this year but come 2011 we're going to be on a whole other level! Be prepared.

If you heard this weeks show than you heard our version of the "12 Days of Christmas", if not you're in luck! Here it is. Please enjoy it and I want EVERYONE to sing this Christmas morning!!!! lol

Final version

The unedited version. We did MANY takes lol....
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[Show] APOPA Show # 70

Week #70


From the APOPA family to your family we wish you a very merry holidays. 
Thank you for sticking with us this year.

  • Bah humbug!
  • Karaoke recap.
  • Where did the asian’s go?
  • Betty found new friends!
  • Gift time!
  • GD & muthafucking TOP. BAM!
  • Cyn LOVES YG.
  • Who’s better than YG? NO ONE!
  • APOPA address the negative comments left about the Shane Yoon interview.
  • A very honest JYJ interview.
  • Oricon year end rankings.
  • Gantz will be shown in US movie theater’s.
  • F.cuz gave their fans an interesting name…
  • What exactly is Lee Jun Ki doing?!?!?
  • Betty wants Soju??
  • Show Luo has STDS?
  • 2010 Melon awards run down.
  • Is Crown J dumb or not?
  • Meisa Kuroki dating a Johnny’s Jr?!?!?! Gurllllllll….
  • Who’s banned now?
  • S.H.E’s Selina is getting better!
  • APOPA 2010 “Fuckery” Award.
  • Betty’s Christmas fling.
  • Johnny’s corner.
  • Asian Pop Addict 12 Days of Christmas.
  • Don't forget to vote for you favs in the "Fuckery" awards!
Songs Played On This Show:
JYP Nation- This Christmas
KAT-TUN- White Xmas
Bright- Feelin You
GD & TOP- High High
BoA- Meri Kuri
Pizzicato Five- Baby Love Child
Show Luo feat. Elva Hsiao- Bai Gei Ni
SHINee- Haru Xmas
One Way- Rainy Days (unplugged english version)
TVXQ- Athena
Girugamesh- Crying Rain
Epik High- No More Christmas
Bi Bi Chow- I Miss You Missing Me
Eru- Wintering
Utada Hikaru- Can't Wait Till Christmas
Schizo- Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

Click on these fly mofo's to listen to the show

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