September 16th, 2015

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Some people have been asking as to whether the shows are available for download on iTunes and the answer is YES! BUT!!! There’s a catch.
For some reason the iTunes store will not display our podcast in their store because of copyright issues with the music we play. Well whatever! So there is a way to still download the shows without looking for it in the store. Here is the step by step on how you can subscribe via your iTunes application.


Step #1 Go into your iTunes browser and click on “Advanced”

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Step #2 A little window will pop up, enter the following address into that box make sure you enter it exactly that way and hit ok.

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Step #3 Once you’ve done that then all the previous APOPA shows will start to download into your iTunes browser. Then every Monday when we say that a new show is posted you can come back here and hit refresh and the new show will download.

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Simple, right?!?! lol I know it’s ghetto rigid but at least you can now take APOPA with you in your iPod.

Much Love,

Asian Pop Addict crew

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