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[Show] APOPA Show # 70

Week #70


From the APOPA family to your family we wish you a very merry holidays. 
Thank you for sticking with us this year.

  • Bah humbug!
  • Karaoke recap.
  • Where did the asian’s go?
  • Betty found new friends!
  • Gift time!
  • GD & muthafucking TOP. BAM!
  • Cyn LOVES YG.
  • Who’s better than YG? NO ONE!
  • APOPA address the negative comments left about the Shane Yoon interview.
  • A very honest JYJ interview.
  • Oricon year end rankings.
  • Gantz will be shown in US movie theater’s.
  • F.cuz gave their fans an interesting name…
  • What exactly is Lee Jun Ki doing?!?!?
  • Betty wants Soju??
  • Show Luo has STDS?
  • 2010 Melon awards run down.
  • Is Crown J dumb or not?
  • Meisa Kuroki dating a Johnny’s Jr?!?!?! Gurllllllll….
  • Who’s banned now?
  • S.H.E’s Selina is getting better!
  • APOPA 2010 “Fuckery” Award.
  • Betty’s Christmas fling.
  • Johnny’s corner.
  • Asian Pop Addict 12 Days of Christmas.
  • Don't forget to vote for you favs in the "Fuckery" awards!
Songs Played On This Show:
JYP Nation- This Christmas
KAT-TUN- White Xmas
Bright- Feelin You
GD & TOP- High High
BoA- Meri Kuri
Pizzicato Five- Baby Love Child
Show Luo feat. Elva Hsiao- Bai Gei Ni
SHINee- Haru Xmas
One Way- Rainy Days (unplugged english version)
TVXQ- Athena
Girugamesh- Crying Rain
Epik High- No More Christmas
Bi Bi Chow- I Miss You Missing Me
Eru- Wintering
Utada Hikaru- Can't Wait Till Christmas
Schizo- Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

Click on these fly mofo's to listen to the show

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