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Heeeeey, we have a birthdaaaay!

Week #75 It’s Cyn City’s birthday special!!!

-Betty is such a party pooper.
-Round 1, FIGHT!
-GANTZ movie review.
-Cyn likes SHINee???
-What does A.M.I.G.O mean???
-The cheese stands alone…
-Don’t mess with Ms. Heechul.
-Get behind your keyboards netizens.
-Super Junior resigns with SM.
-We’re Inspirit’s!
-INFINITE is the ish! Jump on the band wagon folks.
-Music Station this week will be good!
-Cyn defends Yamapi….AGAIN!
-Erika Sawajiri calls it quits with her hubby
-Betty vs Cyn part 2.
-Gackt is an interesting vampire.
-Ex manager of Lollipop F is kinda salty.
-Yamapi’s #1!
-JYJ reality show?
-KHJ…the talented one gets signed to AVEX.
-One mirrion people want to see Big Bang.
-Seungri is doing the damn thang.
-Dalmatian name changes…not sure why.
-More ABK sub units…greatttttt…
-JOON & KAHI!!!!
-Drama corner.
-J-Rock corner.
-Betty shouldn’t ever make fun of Cyn, ever again!
-8 mile rap battle… Yoochun vs Lee Soo Man.
-Who’s the C-Pop baby daddy??
-Ana’s Artist Profile: MUCC
-Johnny’s Corner: PLAGIARISM!!!!
-MBLAQ giveaway!!!!!

In order to win the "Blaq Style" album from MBLAQ, all you have to do is drop a comment below with the hash tag #mblaq, and you'll automatically be entered to win!
Winner will be picked by drawing on next week's show. GOOD LUCK!!

Click on the purple beast below

Songs Played On This Show:

Big Bang- Hallelujah

Alice Nine- Rainbows

Clazziquai- Love Again

SHINee- Amigo

SNSD- Run Devil Run

M-Flo feat. Aiko Wada- Hey!

Epik High- Fan

Daichi Miura- Baby Be Mine

Yamashita Tomohisa- Mola remix

Drunken Tiger JK feat. Rakka, Roscoe Umali, T, and Rakim- Monster (English version)

TVXQ- Darkness Eyes

YMGA feat. Taeyang- Real Talk

4 Minute- I, My, Me, Mine

Utada Hikaru- Beautiful World

Arashi- Truth

MUCC- Falling Down (Organic Edition)

BoA feat. Verbal from M-Flo- Bump, Bump

Zhang Li Yin feat. Xiah Junsu- Timeless (Chinese version)

Perfume- Dream Fighter

KAT-TUN- Ai No Command
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