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[ATTENTION] So long folks!

Wut's up ppl? Things certainly have changed since we first started this community well over a year ago. Luckily we can say for the most part that they have changed for the better. In lieu of the wonderful progress we made with the show over time, we found ourselves using this community less as we immersed ourselves more with the usage of twitter and our own website. With that said, posting on LJ has increasingly become less of a priority for us.

Therefore, Asian Pop Addict will discontinue posting on live journal from here on out but we will continue normal activities and posting the show via our official twitter and website. We appreciate everyone who has commented during our brief stay on here, and for those who regularly enjoyed it, you can just take your comment love over to our website or twitter instead. Thanks from all of us! 


Ana, Cyn, Betty, and Dee
Tags: mod post, peace out
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