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It's Contest Time Apoptards!!!

After several requests from our Live Journal user listeners and much deliberation, we’ve decided to go ahead and announce the creation of the Asian Pop Addict LJ community! This way we can reach out to our LJ listeners with even more of our fuckery on a regular, if not daily, basis and fulfill our LJ listeners’ requests to be able to mingle with us and other listeners in an easier fashion...

However, there IS a catch! In order for us to start posting regularly and therefore throwing away even more of our petty free time, we ask that you in turn help us out a little in order to give you LJ users what you want and kick off making this a 50/50 long-lasting affair between us and you the listeners. And by this, we mean we need a freakin’ layout to pimp out the community in good style. Because we already have enough on our plate throughout the week, and not to mention, we don’t know diddly-squat about LJ HTML, we won’t be able to get to that ourselves. Therefore, we decided APOPA is gonna hold a layout contest! So our HTML listeners/users, listen up! Here are the rules:
  • Header of layout must have the APOPA logo incorporated in it. Our logo can be found on the APOPA site on the upper right hand side.
  • We don’t want members of the community squinting to read the font of our posts on the community itself, so a regular, readable, decent sized font code is required AS WELL AS a readable font color.
  • We want you to be as creative as you can be, but PLS, no wacked- out, acid-trip inducing color schemes. If you want a reference just use this site’s scheme as one--ideally everything more or less combines well and the colors are bright but not enough to render you temporarily blind.
  • An accessible email address where you can be reached quickly if you should be the winner, as the winner will need to be contacted before August 23rd—before the recording of the August 24th show.
  • Entries for the contest start from now. Send entries to asianpopaddict@gmail.com

The deadline is August 16th midnight.

Now, we wouldn’t set this up and not give you anything in return. Like the
[info]capslock_tvxq bitches would say, we wanna take care of our own. Here is what the winner shall receive on the August 24th show:

  • Plenty of APOPA love and praise on air, on the site, and community, plus pimpage if requested.
  • A 2 song choice for us to play on a music break, which we will dedicate to the winner.
  • A choice of topic for us to discuss/rant about during one segment of the show. The topic can be about your favorite idol, actor, current event, or anything you want our crazy ass opinion on (even HSJ!). Only requirement is that it must be J-Pop or K-Pop related.

Remember, the deadline is August 16th.

The winner will be contacted before August 23rd but announced officially on August 24th. Got it?

Now go forth Apoptards and make APOPA proud.

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