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[Show] APOPA Show # 69

Week #69
Get your party streamers out because it's time to celebrate our maknae/kouhai birthday!

  • Betty’s Bday Special!!! It’s a celebration.
  • JYJ MC, Shane Yoon gives us a hilarious interview.
  • Shane gives the JYJ fans a new name.
  • Shane turns the tables on us.
  • Asian Pop Addict “Fuckery” Awards 2010, nominees!!

  • Yoo Jae Suk wants his money!
  • KBS is banning again.
  • Kara is taking over Japan.
  • 2PM’s Taecyeon gives it all up.
  • Cat fight between Betty and Cyn breaks out.
  • It’s GDTOP! Welcome to the world….world.
  • Heechul rules twitter.
  • 2 CEO’s cat fighting over dumb ish.
  • BOY LOVE!!!
  • 2010 Japan Billboard award winners.
  • Dat ass is back doing musicals.
  • Give me something new SNSD.
  • Otaku corner.
  • An oldy but goody.
  • Johnny’s Corner.
  • Make sure to vote now for the APOPA “Fuckery” Awards!!
Songs Played On This Show:
T-ara- I Go Crazy Because Of You
Alice Nine- Cross Game
Lee Sun Hee - Fox Rain
Big Bang- Sunset Glow
DJ DOC- I’m A Guy Like This
Wonder Girls- Tell Me
Rainie Yang- Youth Bucket (Chinese)
the Gazette- Red
Supreme Team- Dang, Dang, Dang
Icon feat. Eun Ji Won- Beautiful Lady
The's - The Barracuda
Meisa Kuroki- LOL!
SHINee feat. Trax- Lucifer (rock remix live)
Brown Eyed Soul - If It's Same
Lee Hyun Ji - Kiss Me Kiss Me

Click on the bday cake to listen to the show!

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[Show] APOPA Show # 68

Week #68


Would you rather have pudding or a new APOPA show???


  • Who’s in jail now?
  • South Korea doesn’t like the Kush.
  • Crown J stays hi hi hi hi high.
  • Dentists are backing up MC Mong.
  • S.H.E’s Selina is getting better!
  • Poor Uee… *snickers*
  • 1N2D 6th member found?
  • Perfume to write more on their albums?
  • CALLER! Gifted Thought gives his thoughts on “Clown J”.
  • We need more men callers!
  • Pick MBLAQ’s new track! IIIIIffffff you live in South Korea.
  • People need to stop hating on Lee Hyori.
  • J-Rockers unite!
  • What time is it?
  • APOPA Awards!!
  • There’s a ghetto girl inside of Jin…
  • Van Nes Wu…god bless.
  • Next  APOPA guest…
  • Otaku corner.
  • Betty’s Korean Word of the Day, the lazy edition.
  • Johnny’s corner.
  • Shoutouts!
  • Help! No, seriously!
  • Next week is Betty’s bday special!



Songs Played On This Show:

2NE1- I’m Busy

T.M Revolution- Save The One, Save The All

SHINee- Obsession

Perfume- Nee

Outsider- Acquaintance

Zeebra feat Namie Amuro- After Party

Mongo 1800- Chiisana Koi No Uta

SID- Ranbu No Melody

Surpreme Team- Then, Then, Then

Morning Musume- Onna To Otoko No Lullaby Game

Emi Maria- Mr. Alien

AI feat. Snoop Dog- Let It Go

D=Out- Satellite TV

Se7en- Crazy

Kim Sarang- Goodbye

SIG- Take

Kinki Kids- Family ~Hitotsu Ni Naru Koto~

Click on the pudding to listen to the show.


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[Awards] We Need YOUR Help!

The year is quickly coming to a close which means a bunch of awards show will be on tv. Well, we here at Asian Pop Addict have come up our own awards. BUT we need your help!

We got stumped on some of the categories and who to nominate so what we need from you guys is to take the categories, nominate no more than 5 artist and email it back to us at before Monday the 13th. Here are the categories...
Biggest WTF of the year
Song of the year Korean
Song of the year Japanese
Artist who needs more airplay, Korean
Artist who needs more airplay,  Japanese
Most annoying song of the year Korean
Most annoying song of the year Japanese
Dumbass of the year
Twitter whore of the year 
So get on it! Also if you've got a jazzy name for our award show feel free to include that in an email as well. :) 
The official nominees will be announced on next week's show and then the voting will be open for you guys to vote.

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[Show] APOPA Show # 67

Week #67


It's been sooooo long!!! But we're back!!!


  • Someone’s missing!
  • How do we do this again?
  • Why were we away so long?
  • KAT-TUN….HOT!!!
  • The weed has been taken out of the KAT-TUN flower.
  • Akanishi  Jin MTV Iggy concert review by Alisa.
  • MAMA Awards run down.
  • HUGE YG Big Bang news.
  • Aoi from the GazettE angers anime fans.
  • SDN48 goes super sexy in Japan’s weekly Playboy.
  • The 61st Kohaku Uta Gassen line up! No love for K-Pop?
  • Asia’s Top 10 Most Handsome Male list…#2 is WRONG!
  • TVXQ IS COMING BACK!!!!.....minus 3.
  • JYJ was a mess while we were away.
  • APOPA’s LA correspondent Janine talks about the JYJ LA show.
  • Condolences to the families of the fallen South Koreans.
  • Celebrities dating publicly, good or bad?
  • Oguri Shun seen cheating on Yamada Yu!?!?!
  • AI will be working with the Jacksons.
  • Mary J Blige is heading to South Korea & Japan.
  • Ana we miss you, Otaku Corner.
  • Leave Mr. Real Slow alone!
  • Gantz to be shown in the US come January.
  • 2NE1 to promote in the US, Canada, & Australia?
  • SM want’s Hankyung back?
  • Betty’s Korean Word of The Week.
  • Johnny’s corner. Lulzy rumors!
  • Ahhhh the good ole Johnny days.
  • Shoutouts.
  • Check our our new youtube series! More to come soon!



Songs Played On This Show:

Kara- Jumping (Japanese)

UVERworld- No. 1

The Flowers- Just Good

KAT-TUN- Change Ur World

Untouchable- Jiggy Get Down (feat. Marco, Big Tray, Deepflow, 9c, Basick, Elly, Joe Brown, Woo Side, Vasco)

Speed- Let’s Heat Up

F.cuz- Midnight Sun

Utada Hikaru- Show Me Love (Not A Dream)

Orange Carmel- Aing~

SM The Ballad- Miss You

MBLAQ- Bang, Bang, Bang

Dumbfounded- Respect 16’s (feat. Dok2, MYK, Yankie, Rakaa, Mithra Jin, Tablo, Bizzy, Sean Rhee, Tiger JK)

The Kiddie- Black Side

JYJ- I Can Sour (Junsu Solo)

Arashi- Hatenai Sora

Click on our homie Jesus to listen to this show.

Pimp chun with a hat.
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[Mod] Miss Us Yet???

We miss you guys!!!!!!!!! It's been tough being away from the mic but I hate to report that again this week there will not be an Asian Pop Addict show. I'm still recovery from surgery and even though I'm getting better I'm still not 100% but I'm getting there! But I promise next week there will be a show! Pinky swear!

We won't leave you guys hanging though. Stay tuned to the website this week because you will get blogs from Ana & Betty. As well as a vlog or TWO from me via our new youtube series called "WTF?..." If you haven't seen the first vlog make sure to go to and check it out! 


We were going to do a ustream show this week but Betty is working pretty much the whole week due to the Thanksgiving holiday andddddd Ana didn't want to miss the season finale of "Dancing With The Stars"


For us here in the states, later on this week is Thanksgiving, so from the APOPA family to your family, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. Eat a lot of food for me since I'm not able to eat much at the moment, lol.


We'll be back next week, bigger and badder! 


Love, Peace, & Chicken grease,

Cyn City

Marilyn Monroe

Yay! Another shoooow

Week #66

The moon, rape, porn, ayyy girl, and Daigo....nuff said, go listen to the show.

• Where’s Betty?
• Dori-chan’s in the studio!
• APOPA’s health tips.
• The moon…again.
• Boy on boy love!
• Rape in K-pop!
• Disaster behind the JYJ tour.
• MBLAQ’s Lee Joon diagnosed with Bipolar disorder?
• Japan is sending the correct representative to the MAMA Awards.
• It’ll be raining in South Korea soon.
• Avex delays 2NE1’s Japanese debut.
• Who wants to dominate man boobs?
• f(x) comeback with or without Amber?
• Too may nominees in one category.
• Who wants to be the next K-Pop star?
• the Gazzette releasing 3 albums in the USA.
• JYP family concert.
• Kara’s blowing up in Japan.
• Betty’s drama corner.
• Dori-chan’s Movie Review: Old Boy
• UPDATE on the CO-ED rape story.
• Find the golden ticket Charlie!
• DAIGO!!!! KISSING!!!! (Hear behind the scenes fan girling.)
• Morning Musume trying to be Korean?
• Another jewel in the Miyavi clan.
• “Holy fuck that Daigo picture”, Otaku Corner.
• Betty’s Korean Word of the week.
• Johnny’s Corner.
• Show announcement!
• Betty likes PORN!?!?!?!

Collapse )
Collapse )
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[Show] APOPA Show # 65

Week #65

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Word of advise to those lovers of everything JYJ, if you get easily butthurt then this show might not be the one for you. You've been warned.


  • 1, 2, 3!
  • SHINee DATING?!?! Is it really that much of a shock?
  • MNET Mama awards nominees.
  • Anger, confusion, hurt, it can only be JYJ.
  • SM drops their lawsuit against JYJ…just 1…not all of them.
  • Leah Dizon getting divorced? SHOCKER!
  • More JYJ talk.
  • TOP wins!
  • Va Ness Wu signs huge deal!
  • ViVid goes major!
  • New Ayumi album!!
  • “Ayyy Girl needs to die” Otaku Corner.
  • JYJ…again…lol
  • 2NE1 signs with Avex.
  • Kara’s banking in Japan.
  • More artists heading to Japan….ahhh boy.
  • Super Junior M coming back?
  • 2012! SHINHWA!
  • Kangta’s heading to Canada.
  • Shoutout to Show Luo!!!
  • Aliens, 2012, & the moon…yeah, you figure it out.
  • Betty’s Korean Word of the Week: ALIENS!!!
  • Breakerz new video…. OOOO MMMMM GGGEEEE!!!!!
  • Get out of the 1980’s Johnny.
  • Shoutouts!


Songs Played On This Weeks Show:

AKB48- Beginner

Wang Lee Hom- Dirty Love

FT Island- Sad Promise

SHINee- One

SNSD- Hoot

Sun ft. Wyclef, Elephant Man & Tony Matterhorn - China Wine

KAT-TUN- One on One

2NE1- It Hurts

JYJ feat. Kanye West & Malik Yusef- Ayyy Girl

4 Minute- Dreams Come True (Japanese)

Jay Park & Cha Cha Malone- Speechless

2AM- You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls

Lc5- Love & Crash

One Way (Chance)- Charlene (Anthony Hamilton cover)

Hit5- Wu Suo Bu Ai

Nom Nom Nom- My Friends Girlfriend

Jealkb- Kuroi Sabaku

Dalmatian- Officially Missing You (Tamia cover)

NewS- Fighting Man

Click on Kanye to listen to this week's show.

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[Mod] Halloween Contest!



Well it's not a contest per say but you'll get to have you pic on our website!!!

Halloween is this Sunday and Betty came up with the great idea of having a Halloween J-Pop & K-Pop "contest". If you planned on dressing up as some of your fav asian artist then send us a pic and you'll be included in our mega Halloween post. Send us your pic before Sunday! Email it to You won't win anything but hey at least people can come to the site and say "that's a great costume!"

Here's a pic of Betty and I from last year. Ana isn't very

Cyn City as Matsumoto Jun
Betty as toothless MC Mong...ok, maybe not toothless.
Now that you get the idea, send us your pics!!